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Why invest in your website’s search engine optimization (SEO)

If you do not invest in SEO optimization services, your competition will surely do it and, thus, the audience that is looking for you will find the others.

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What do The Markers specialists
do for SEO website optimization?

Performing the initial SEO audit, analysing the website presence in search engines. Proposing and monitoring the keywords that can increase the website’s organic traffic.

As a full service SEO agency based in Bucharest, we analyze and update all the technical details so that your site follows the latest Google recommendations.

Our professional SEO services include text optimization and content creation focused around the keywords and topics that we aim with specific pages.

By using SEO services, the website’s internal links profile is optimized and/or built .

Optimizing and/or building the website’s presence and social media distribution rate. Identifying the most relevant partners through which they will build the website’s external links profile, so as to obtain its accelerated growth.

Creating and publishing SEO blog articles, press releases and advertorials.

Implementing the most important work tools on the website (Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Places, Google Business, etc.)

Using the most important and modern work tools (MOZ, Ahrefs, Majestic SEO, etc.)

10 stages by which we ensure the success of each SEO promotion strategy we implement


Your goals


Website auditing


Competition analysis


Keyword research


Assigning key phrases




Traffic and rankings tracking


Strategy adjustment


Content creation


Reporting and improvement

The numbers that speak about
our experiance as an SEO agency in Bucharest

10 Years
of experience

More than 10 years of experience with national and international campaigns


More than 245 clients in our portfolio from over 50 industries and fields

different fields

Over 50 fields of activity for which we delivered SEO services

A few questions about SEO that we frequently receive from our new clients

What types of professional SEO services does a top agency in Romania provide?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a series of actions and activities that aim to increase the visibility of a website online. Specifically, the website will be ranked as high as possible in the results pages displayed following relevant searches.
SEO optimization is an activity specific to online marketing which aims to increase organic traffic to a website by increasing the visibility of that website in search engines.

Besides wasting your money and time, a wrong SEO strategy can have serious consequences. Actions designed to “trick” the search engine into influencing rankings can lead to website penalties. That’s why you need to choose a quality SEO services package, offered by an agency that has no penalized websites in its client portfolio. 

The main steps of a SEO optimization project are the following: 

  • Technical analysis of the website, content analysis and setting the objectives of the SEO strategy;
  • On-page/on-website optimization: text content, graphic elements, technical details and internal links profile;
  • Off-page optimization: increasing the relevance, authority and awareness of the business in the online environment; 
  • Analysing the results, reporting them and using the information to improve the strategy. 
  • SEO strategies for service and presentation websites: optimization of website architecture, content optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Content Marketing;
  • Local SEO: creating and optimizing your Google My Business profile, Content Marketing, optimizing for local searches;
  • Online store SEO strategies: optimization of website architecture, content optimization, product pages optimization, detailed analysis of user behavior, Search Engine Marketing, and Content Marketing;
  • Technical SEO: website migrations, website architecture optimization, image optimization, structured data.   

Nowadays, no business can afford to ignore search engine optimization. SEO services should be part of your online marketing strategy when you want to be easily found by potential customers. Over time, SEO optimization can bring more and more organic traffic, resulting in more leads and more sales. Without a quality SEO strategy, Google will not know to whom to display the content of your website, and if the search engine ignores your business, potential customers will not even know you exist. 

Firstly, marketing services should be regarded as an investment in your business, not a cost. This being said, your budget is a key detail and should be based on the objectives that you aim. We do not offer standardized SEO strategies and we don’t have standardized offers. With our clients’ help, we reach the ideal budget by analyzing the competition, objectives, and the business’ unique selling proposal. This is the only way to develop an SEO strategy that matches every business.

Ideally, SEO efforts should never stop because this is a neverending race on the market. By contract, we don’t impose a minimum period of time on our partners. This way, our years-long clients continue the collaboration with us based on the results we constantly deliver and the transparent way we communicate each detail.

The SEO strategy for eCommerce is a bit different than that used for a presentation site or a site that offers services. From the keyword research to the analysis and technical actions and from automations to content marketing, a site that sells thousands of products will have specific needs regarding strategy and actions. Thus, an SEO project for eCommerce will differ from a strategy designed for a site that has 20-30 pages.
Generally, yes. An SEO strategy developed for an online store implies a higher volume of work than one made for a site that offers services. The keyword research is more complex, the technical analysis is more in-depth, and the on page optimizations require a huge amount of work. Plus, depending on the competition, reaching the break-even point in less than a year may be a great challenge. All these details directly influence the work volume and, implicitly, the budget needed for all the SEO actions.
An SEO strategy that is correctly developed and adequately implemented can bring fast and exponential growth to your site’s online visibility, traffic, and sales or leads.

An experienced SEO agency will set the necessary budget for each campaign based on a detailed analysis of the market, competition, and site. Thus, the main details that influence the final price for an SEO campaign are:

  • The field of activity and the competition present on the market;
  • The site’s size (number of pages);
  • The medium and long-term objectives.

The Markers?

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Here you will find everything you need for successful digital marketing in one place. We always integrate graphic design as well as programming, strategy as well as implementation, communication as well as performance.

We are approachable

We are always easy to find, we always have a smile on our faces, we are open, transparent and, above all, we speak your language. That’s just one more reason to choose The Markers as an online marketing agency

We complement one another

Our project team includes both communication and branding specialists (creatives) as well as marketing performance specialists (technicians) so that we have every ingredient for the best results in online marketing

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The words that describe us
correctly and completely

optimizare seo
That assure our clients that we respect our responsibilities and that we always value the best practices
We always come up with new ideas dedicated to our clients' business growth and active actions’ streamlining.
You have access and control over your budget and results, all the time.
You are always informed about the campaigns’ results, about what to expect and what solutions are available for your business.
We inform ourselves daily, we go to trainings and we are present at all the events in the field, so that we can always implement the most efficient and modern marketing actions for our clients.
We are a Google Premier certified agency, IAB Romania partners and this indicates the quality of the services we offer, the professionalism of our certified experts, as well as the experience in the field.
We are focused on implementing result-yielding campaigns and we are always involved in reaching our objectives
We adapt our services for any budget and make budgets more efficient to achieve any realistic goal.
We always come up with solutions to streamline marketing actions and increase the results of our partners.

We always respond to emails, phone calls and we visit you whenever needed. We always speak our client’s language, we are transparent and open to communication.

We always speak our client’s language, we are transparent and open to communication

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