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What needs we cover through web design services

How do The Markers specialists work for your business through web design?

Identifying together with you the goals that the website must meet;

Studying the market and the consumers targeted by your business, as well as the competition;

Proposing the website structure, its content and the functionalities that the website must have;

Creating a remarkable design and content for your website;

Together with you, establishing the final form of the website;

Taking care of creating a responsive website that will adapt to all types of devices used for surfing the Internet; Implementing SEO actions on the website, so that it is optimized and easily indexed by search engines;

Testing the website both from a technical point of view and from the point of view of the experience that users will have;

Organizing a training session with you and your employees to teach you how to use the website administration module;

Providing you with ongoing support and consulting.

Only The Markers specialists will offer you a website creation service with all the integrated actions: from the creation of the necessary texts necesare to the creation of the graphic elements,from the technical programming to the integration with the current marketing tools and to the creation of an effective marketing strategy.

Why collaborate with The Markers on website creation and web design services?

Web designers
web designers

We provide you with experienced web designers, who are constantly adapting to the consumers’ requirements, who believe in the power of originality and who will consult with you to obtain the best and most remarkable ideas.

websites created
de site-uri create

We have created from scratch and improved the websites of over 100 companies so far, and the results have been visible every time.

Interaction with

We understand the need to interact with internet users, which is why we think of websites in a way adapted to these requirements and standards.


More than creating a website, we take care to create valuable content and we carry out blog integrations.

Social media

We have a whole database of blogs and websites on which your articles can find a place of honour. We take care of the integration of social media pages within the website and the correlation of the activities in the two spheres.

Market analysis
and research

Thus, we perform market analysis and research every time, and the proposed strategies will be adapted to the objectives and positioning of your business.

User Friendly

At the same time, we know how important it is for your customers to find a user-friendly environment on the website, so the solutions we propose will always make you visible, original, attractive and pleasant.

Specialized consultancy

We will offer you specialized consultancy whenever you need it, both before, during and after the website creation.

Support and services

We offer you complete support and web design services, both for the website creation service, with the necessary texts, as well as for the website’s subsequent promotion.

Portofoliu servicii webdesign

The numbers that speak about
our experience in web design

10 Years
of experience

Peste 10 ani experienta in livrarea de servicii de webdesign si creare site complete


Peste 245 de clienti in portofoliul nostru din peste 50 de domenii

different fields

For which we delivered website creation services

Here’s why people
work with us

The words that describe us
correctly and completely

That assure our clients that we respect our responsibilities and that we always value the best practices
We always come up with new ideas dedicated to our clients' business growth and active actions’ streamlining.
You have access and control over your budget and results, all the time.
You are always informed about the campaigns’ results, about what to expect and what solutions are available for your business.
We inform ourselves daily, we go to trainings and we are present at all the events in the field, so that we can always implement the most efficient and modern marketing actions for our clients.
We are a Google Premier certified agency, IAB Romania partners and this indicates the quality of the services we offer, the professionalism of our certified experts, as well as the experience in the field.
We are focused on implementing result-yielding campaigns and we are always involved in reaching our objectives
We adapt our services for any budget and make budgets more efficient to achieve any realistic goal.
We always come up with solutions to streamline marketing actions and increase the results of our partners.

We always respond to emails, phone calls and we visit you whenever needed. We always speak our client’s language, we are transparent and open to communication.

We always speak our client’s language, we are transparent and open to communication

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with us?

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All our partners benefit from a free performance audit for their site (Conversion Rate Optimization) that aims at enhancing the user experience and the success rates.