Email Marketing Services

Ask now for an online marketing strategy aimed at reaching your business goals

Why invest in email marketing campaigns?

The email marketing service is suitable for any business, regardless of its size or field of activity.

 The only condition is that the business wants to be present in the minds of customers and potential customers and to actively communicate with them.

What do The Markers do to deliver outstanding email marketing services?

Analysing your business, the products and services you sell, the market and the target audience of your business, their needs and interests;

Based on these, we create an efficient strategy for the legitimate growth of databases, segmented by customized tools, as well as an efficient strategy for their capitalization.

Creating the content needed for regular emailing/newsletter campaigns;

Creating segmented lists and custom content for each of them so that the success rate is as high as possible.

Creating email designs;

Implementing and forwarding the campaign through a specialized platform for such campaigns;

Monitoring the results of submitted email marketing campaigns and continuously optimizing all campaigns so as to improve success rates;

Periodically reporting the results to you and using marketing automation for the success of any business.

The numbers that speak volumes about our experience

10 Years
of experience

More than 10 years of experience with national and international campaigns


Peste 245 de clienti in portofoliul nostru din peste 50 de domenii

different fields

Over 50 fields of activity

The Markers?

We are All In

Here you will find everything you need for successful digital marketing in one place. We always integrate graphic design as well as programming, strategy as well as implementation, communication as well as performance.

We are approachable

We are always easy to find, we always have a smile on our faces, we are open, transparent and, above all, we speak your language. That’s just one more reason to choose The Markers as an online marketing agency

We complement one another

Our project team includes both communication and branding specialists (creatives) as well as marketing performance specialists (technicians) so that we have every ingredient for the best results in online marketing

Here’s why people
work with us

The words that describe us
correctly and completely

That assure our clients that we respect our responsibilities and that we always value the best practices
We always come up with new ideas dedicated to our clients' business growth and active actions’ streamlining.
You have access and control over your budget and results, all the time.
You are always informed about the campaigns’ results, about what to expect and what solutions are available for your business.
We inform ourselves daily, we go to trainings and we are present at all the events in the field, so that we can always implement the most efficient and modern marketing actions for our clients.
We are a Google Premier certified agency, IAB Romania partners and this indicates the quality of the services we offer, the professionalism of our certified experts, as well as the experience in the field.
We are focused on implementing result-yielding campaigns and we are always involved in reaching our objectives
We adapt our services for any budget and make budgets more efficient to achieve any realistic goal.
We always come up with solutions to streamline marketing actions and increase the results of our partners.

We always respond to emails, phone calls and we visit you whenever needed. We always speak our client’s language, we are transparent and open to communication.

We always speak our client’s language, we are transparent and open to communication

Are you all in
with us?

Contact us and let us take over your challenge! 

All our partners benefit from a free performance audit for their site (Conversion Rate Optimization) that aims at enhancing the user experience and the success rates.