Secretul Bunicii

Case study


The Secretul Bunicii fresh yeast has been a market leader for over 15 years, but, in 2015 it seemed to face a twofold threat: the competition was beginning to have an increasingly active communication and the fact that there is a clear pattern of decline in interest for home-baked products.
On the other hand, a certain section of the audience started to appear more often in the online environment, creating an increasing number of home cooking communities. The producer group announced the starting of an online community project for those baking at home in all countries, including Romania, within which, subtly, their brand of yeast would be promoted.

Grupul producator a lansat in toate tarile, inclusive Romania, anuntul demararii unui proiect de comunitate online a celor care gatesc acasa produse coapte, in care, subtil sa fie promovat brandul de drojdie.


Accomplishments in 2019

Rewards by the end of 2019

33K followers on the page

1K user-generated articles on the website

3K articles which we generated and branded with Secretul Bunicii on the website

What we did after 2019

Rewards after 2019

We reached 37K followers on the Baking Wiz Facebook page ;

We reached 28K followers on the Drojdia Secretul Bunicii Facebook page ;

We reached 500 followers on the Baking Wiz Instagram page ;

We reached 1.5K followers on the Drojdia Secretul Bunicii Instagram page ;

Unique users on the Baking Wiz website – 5K users on a monthly average;

Medium monthly reach on Facebook – 20K;

Medium monthly engagement on Facebook – ;

Medium monthly YouTube views – 150k;

Medium monthly banner displays in the Display Google network – 400k.

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