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What the lead generation service entails

A thorough analysis of your field of activity, the typology of your clients, the differentiating factors and your retail process.

The creation of a marketing funnel through which we develop the necessary strategy for every mandatory step that turns a potential client into one of your clients.

The creation of a personalised strategy and the selecting of the best promotion channels, types of actions, methods for approaching and communicating, budgeting etc.

The creation of necessary materials for the implementation of the lead generation/inbound marketing strategy.

The realisation of an editorial plan based on which we will generate relevant content for the target audience.

The bringing of your website up to date according to the lead generation/inbound marketing strategy (the newsletter subscription procedure, confidentiality policies, contact form, retargeting codes etc.)

The implementation of online lead generation campaigns and the necessary actions. The monitoring and optimisation of companies.

The continuous streamlining of all the lead generation processes through marketing automatization.

What do our specialists do in order to ensure the success of lead generation campaigns?

What are the lead generation services we
integrate in order to have success?

Facebook Communication

Linkedin communication

Instagram communication

Facebook Ads

Linkedin Ads

Gmail Ads

Youtube Ads

Google Ads

Content Writing


Graphic creation

Landing page creation

Behavioural analysis

Native Ads



Site optimisation

Here’s why people
work with us

The Markers?

We are All In

Here you will find everything you need for successful digital marketing in one place. We always integrate graphic design as well as programming, strategy as well as implementation, communication as well as performance.

We are approachable

We are always easy to find, we always have a smile on our faces, we are open, transparent and, above all, we speak your language. That’s just one more reason to choose The Markers as an online marketing agency

We complement one another

Our project team includes both communication and branding specialists (creatives) as well as marketing performance specialists (technicians) so that we have every ingredient for the best results in online marketing

The words that describe us
correctly and completely

That assure our clients that we respect our responsibilities and that we always value the best practices
We always come up with new ideas dedicated to our clients' business growth and active actions’ streamlining.
You have access and control over your budget and results, all the time.
You are always informed about the campaigns’ results, about what to expect and what solutions are available for your business.
We inform ourselves daily, we go to trainings and we are present at all the events in the field, so that we can always implement the most efficient and modern marketing actions for our clients.
We are a Google Premier certified agency, IAB Romania partners and this indicates the quality of the services we offer, the professionalism of our certified experts, as well as the experience in the field.
We are focused on implementing result-yielding campaigns and we are always involved in reaching our objectives
We adapt our services for any budget and make budgets more efficient to achieve any realistic goal.
We always come up with solutions to streamline marketing actions and increase the results of our partners.

We always respond to emails, phone calls and we visit you whenever needed. We always speak our client’s language, we are transparent and open to communication.

We always speak our client’s language, we are transparent and open to communication

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All our partners benefit from a free performance audit for their site (Conversion Rate Optimization) that aims at enhancing the user experience and the success rates.